3 Vertical Revenue Streams Decentr is Targeting

Decentr’s proposition to businesses is clear: any business in any business vertical that does not build on Decentr becomes automatically uncompetitive by default when even a single company in a competing industry sector does build on Decentr.

Decentr: An unfair advantage for businesses.

This competition paradigm is due to the economic advantage that leveraging Business Data Value (BDV) as a liquid asset class gives any company that does build on Decentr.

We have identified three industry verticals that we are targeting as early adopters of our decentralised solution, and are in discussions with key companies in each vertical to pilot programme our tech:

1. The Banking/PSP Industry

A core vertical we are focused on targeting as early adopters is the bank/PSP industry as it is an easily quantifiable “vertical” where we have solid connections. On Product launch, due to Decentr’s powerful PSP connections (including the world’s #2 PSP by volume), a medium-scale pilot program will be launched, which will seed the network with 150,000 PSP customers in primarily the Spanish/LAC markets, generating revenue from day one.

However, benchmarking Total Addressable Market (TAM) against “clearing house” solutions, such as SWIFT, etc reveals the true revenue potential of the horizontal industry we aim to disrupt. Based on SWIFT T/O at $5 trillion per day, we project by Year 5 at 0.001% of market share at 2% transfer fees to achieve T/O of $1Mn a day or around $360Mn a year.

The Competition

No one (that we are aware of) is building or even understands the parameters of a platform that can decentralise dataflow in the same way blockchain/DLT applications decentralise digital trades. As a result our competitors are — along with traditional “clearing house” solutions — the big online players (Microsoft Corporation, Fiserv Inc. ACI Worldwide, and Infosys Limited); however, as we continue to rapidly improve and refine our payments systems in conjunction with the relevant legislation (including KYC, AML, etc) and stakeholder initiatives, we predict we will rapidly consolidate our place in this market.

The bottom line is that these legacy systems, including the big online players, are clumsy and wholly ineffective for 21st Century business, simply because they all operate on 19th Century economic models (which are themselves based on outdated, misapplied Newtonian physics) that our system renders entirely redundant for online exchanges: this is why we believe the time is ripe for major disruption of many $Tn industries through the rapid implementation of our open foundational technology.

2. The “Bricks and Mortar” Supermarket/Grocery Industry

The global offline supermarket/grocery market is predicted to be worth USD $1.9Tn by 2023, whereas online grocery shopping is currently only worth USD $190Bn, but is growing at a rate of 22% per year, with the overall growth rate of fast-moving online consumer goods at a record 94% (giving a glimpse into the future of the food industry). Decentr aims to ensure the long-term competitiveness of “bricks and mortar” supermarkets against online-only grocery retailers, such as Amazon, by a) building secure tech that allows supermarkets to digitise every aspect of their supply chains and operational functions, while b) allowing supermarkets to leverage this incredibly valuable data as a liquid asset class. This additional liquid capital can be used to make supermarket products increasingly cheaper while improving the supermarket’s overall operational efficiency and hence bottom line. We anticipate 0.3% of the total offline grocery market share by Year 5, or USD $5.7Bn, at 2% transaction fees, which equates to $114Mn revenue per year.

The Competition

After Tesco, Carrefour , Lidl Metro Group and Aldi are the leading players in the EU grocery retailing market. None of these companies has leveraged, or sees the potential of leveraging, their big data as a fungible asset. This severely limits their potential for industry consolidation and growth due to a lack of technical and economic innovation at the foundational level: Decentr’s strategy is to allow supermarkets to extract value at the supply chain level to deliver an asset class that will allow supermarkets to leverage their big data to deliver better customer services and cheaper products.

3. The Online Advertising Industry

The Brave browser was launched in 2012 and in 8 years has reached over 12 million monthly active users, accented by as many as 4.3 million daily active users.

Brave boasts two things in common with Decentr: a commitment to speed and user privacy. However, Brave cannot (conceptually or technically) move beyond the online advertising business model favoured by all tech giants (despite Brave eliminating ad tracking). This means Brave’s token (BAT), and its pay-to-surf model, operate using a third-party medium of exchange, and can never be 100% decentralised (and hence 100% secure) as a result.

Decentr’s 100% decentralised platform credits users secure data with payable value, in the form of PDV, for engaging with ads. This changes the advertising game completely due to the fact the more engagement a user has with the ads clicked on the more data value the user is credited with as PDV. This will encourage users to share, like, comment, etc on ads — all while allowing advertisers to track, profile and target users at every point in the sales funnel (with a user’s opt-in permission to do so raising their PDV), using our suite of “decentralised ads” (dAd) tools. This means that if a user shares an ad with, for example, five friends and they in turn do the same, this will update this user’s profile, meaning future ads can be better targeted for this user and all those who the user shared the ad with (depending on their engagement and privacy settings).

How This Benefits Advertisers

Decentr’s radically-new advertising model is based on advertisers acquiring targeted new leads who opt in to view ad content, the engagement (as expressed in data) with this high-quality content improving both advertisers’ business data value (BDV) and users’ PDV (so no one is getting “paid” to view ads, a strategy that can be easily gamed). This incentivises users to not only engage with and share advertising material, but — crucially — further incentivises users to get excited about continuing along the sales pipeline. This is because by doing so, advertisers who promote via Decentr are actually giving users the opportunity to increase their PDV at every step on the sales journey, up to and including purchase — a purchase price that becomes increasingly cheaper for each user every time the sales journey is followed — by supplying users with fun and entertaining material to engage with. This is due to the PDV/BDV leveraged by both user and advertiser at every data point on the sales journey (the higher quality the data generated by advertisers and the more comprehensive user engagement redoubles benefits to both parties as mutually increased PDV/BDV).

This represents the ultimate win-win, “circular” consumer/customer relationship whereby both the social “currency” and economic “currency” a successful transaction employs is exactly the same thing: i.e., the data expressed via the means of communicating service/product benefits is also the method used to pay for the service/product.

Due to these tools and core paradigms promoting 100% security and decentralisation, while vastly improving ad targeting and reach, we conservatively anticipate a similar user acquisition rate to Brave over the same period from users who want to improve privacy while economically benefiting from ad engagement as part of their internet experience.

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