Delegated Staking via the Decentr Browser is now Live!

As promised, DEC token holders who wish to delegate their stake to a Decentr node can now do so directly via the Decentr browser.

Delegated staking provides an easy way for DEC token holders to earn APR on the Decentr network…

What happened?

On the 4th of October at 8:55am UTC, we received a notification from TrackTx that ~3.6m DEC had been transferred out of the Decentr ERC20 Swap wallet.

You can see this transaction here —

We began investigating the issue, with our primary concern being protection of further…

We’re incredibly proud to announce that the Decentr mainnet is now LIVE!

Building and deploying our mainnet has been the culmination of several years of work and marks a seminal moment in the history of Decentr: our first candidate browser release that runs directly on the Decentr blockchain.

Before getting…

Please note, this is a manual process until our automated Decentr Swap page is operational.

We aim to have the swap process automated in the next 2 weeks.

There is a minimum swap amount of 10 000 DEC for both sides of the swap until the automated Decentr Swap page…

Please note, this is a manual process until we add Delegation to the dWallet within the Decentr Browser.

We aim to have the swap process automated in the next week.

Step One

You will need to install the decentr cli to delegate your stake to an existing Decentr validator. …

Please find the full transcript of our AMA with Jamie of the Abilities Research Center (ARC) as follows:

Rich James

Great to see you all here! We’re looking forward to updating you all on progress and, of course, getting you more information on an important international collaboration we have secured.

Welcome to the Decentr Validator setup tutorial.

Running a Node

TLDR Requirements —

We are proud to unveil the latest browser version v 0.2.1 for both and , which has been updated to support more sites, including Twitter, Twitch, Facebook, and is much more robust. We have also improved data value extraction to make valuation more granular and precise.

We have also…

We are proud to present our beta browser, now available for and .

The Decentr beta browser is the culmination of our vision, goals and development journey to deliver a secure and private web browsing experience for every user.

Our browser delivers on the modules we have been building…

We are proud to present our latest browser update, now available for , and for (currently available as a manual download, if you require assistance installing the Chrome version please visit our ), as a downloadable plugin extension for both browsers.



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