Decentr 2024 — plans

3 min readDec 13, 2023


It is the end of 2023 and we wanted to share what we at Decentr expect to accomplish in 2024:

Enabling a seamless user experience by facilitating the utilization of various wallets, chains, and tokens, allowing users to effortlessly access and acquire all browser paid features no matter what their chain preference is. This is made possible through the integration of a Squidrouter (already done ) and other auto swap providers, establishing the Decentr browser as a true web 3.0 platform.

Decentr browser encompasses and will include a comprehensive array of services, with a primary focus on, but not limited to, cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Visual AI, Decentralised Virtual Private Network (DVPN), Decentralised Loans, Decentralised Cloud storage (Integration of JKL protocol), and Decentralised Cloud computing (AKASH integration). This diverse suite of offerings ensures that users have access to a wide range of innovative and essential tools in WEB 3 world.

In order to sustain and support our infrastructure, we will start a process of integrating native ads strategically. This integration serves a dual purpose by generating revenue and facilitating the buyback of tokens. This approach ensures the continual development and enhancement of our platform, providing users with a constantly evolving and improving experience.

A pivotal aspect of our browser is the integration of data brokers, enabling the acquisition of anonymized data. This innovative approach allows for the purchase of valuable data through third-party providers, subsequently facilitating the fair distribution of rewards. By incorporating data brokers, we enhance privacy while fostering a transparent and mutually beneficial relationship with users. We already have a partnership with one big data broker and will be working on acquiring more of them.

Extend the capabilities of our DVPN services (provided by Sentinel) to include seamless functionality on both iOS and Android devices all payable by either dec or any other coin via . This expansion ensures that users can enjoy secure and private browsing experiences across a variety of platforms, reinforcing our commitment to accessibility and user convenience.

Implementing a comprehensive rework of the Personal Data Value (PDV) to effectively eliminate instances of bot and fake activity. This proactive measure is crucial in our ongoing efforts to combat fraud, creating a secure and trustworthy environment for all users. By optimizing the PDV, we bolster the integrity of our platform and uphold the highest standards of authenticity.

In our continuous efforts to enhance user interaction and satisfaction, we are undertaking a comprehensive User Interface (UI) rework specifically focused on the new tab page and overall experience. This initiative aims to not only elevate the aesthetic appeal but also significantly improve the functionality and user-friendliness of this critical entry point to our browser.

The new tab page redesign will prioritize an intuitive layout, presenting users with a visually engaging and organized interface. Streamlined navigation elements will guide users seamlessly to their desired destinations, providing easy access to all of Decentr features.

Beyond a mere aesthetic upgrade, our commitment extends to cultivating an overall smooth on-boarding experience. We understand the importance of users feeling comfortable and confident as they familiarize themselves with our browser. To achieve this, we will be implementing interactive tutorials, tool tips, and contextual guidance to assist users in discovering and utilizing the full spectrum of Decentr’s features available.

Thank you for your continued community and project support. In the coming 2024 year we will be announcing partnerships and releasing new versions of the browser as much as possible!

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