Decentr and Presearch partnership!

2 min readJul 25, 2022

We are happy to announce partnership with ! Presearch becomes the default search engine on all of our browsers.

Presearch, the private, decentralized search engine with over 4 million registered users and over 150 million monthly searches, just completed a successful Mainnet launch last month, shifting all search traffic to run on its decentralized network of community-run nodes. This makes Presearch the first and largest decentralized search engine purpose-built for the Web3 era.

So how does Presearch work? Rather than using centralized computing infrastructure that is fully controlled by one company, Presearch runs on nodes distributed on computers run by thousands of community members all around the world. These nodes provide the decentralized computing resources required to power the network, privately running anonymized queries and returning results for incoming searches.

Node operators are rewarded with Presearch’s PRE cryptocurrency for each successful query they process, enabling them to capture a piece of the value of the network, similar to how Bitcoin miners earn BTC when they process financial transactions on that network.
The current node software supports the collection of information from external sources, and future updates will enable nodes to perform additional functions including web crawling, indexing, distributed storage, training AI models, and other tasks to power the search engine.

Please be aware that you can use any search engine you like but we highly recommend presearch for an additional ways to earn while browsing!

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