Decentr Android — staking is live!

2 min readJul 15, 2022


We are happy to announce that one of the most popular functionality in the desktop version of the Decentr browser can now be used on an android device — Decentr staking!

You can find Staking functionality located in Decentr section → Decentr Staking.

First thing you are going to observe there is the list of validators with their statuses, voting power, and delegated amount of coins. You can choose those validators to whom you want to delegate your DECs.

Having opened the details of the validator, you can choose which operation you want to perform:

  • Delegate — if you want to deposit your DEC to the validator.
  • Redelegate — if you want to move your DEC from one validator to another.
  • Undelegate — if you want to withdraw the delegated DEC to your wallet.

Delegate screen allows you to select an amount of DEC you want to transfer to the validator.

Redelegate screen allows you to select the validator to which you want to transfer DEC

Undelegate screen allows you to select an amount of DEC you want to withdraw to your wallet. Please note that there is a withdrawal commission of the validator.

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