Decentr blockchain upgrade October 31st!

Hello everyone! We are ready to upgrade Mainnet (Decentr Software Upgrade — 3)

The upgrade is scheduled to occur on Oct 31th at approximately 11:00 UTC. All validators are required to read this article and do appropriate actions! Thank you!

What’s new:

- Authz module added The authz (authorization) module enables one user (the granter) to authorize another (the grantee) to execute messages on their behalf.

- IBC Security Advisory Dragonberry patch applied:

- The version of cosmos-sdk becomes v0.45.9

- The version of tendermint becomes is v0.34.21

To validators:

🗳VOTE NOW on Proposal for the submitted proposal

Vote command:

The migration guide can be reviewed at

Telegram Group:
Telegram Ann:
Windows Browser:
OSX Browser:
Linux Browser:
Android Browser:
iOS Browser:
Support (Validator, Staking, Browser Support):



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