Decentr Firefox and Chrome Extension Release Notes For Build 1.3.3

We are proud to present our latest browser update, now available for Firefox, via the Firefox Extension Store, and for Chrome (currently available as a manual download, if you require assistance installing the Chrome version please visit our BetaTester Telegram Group), as a downloadable plugin extension for both browsers.


- PDV: adjusted algorithms.

- dPortal: Assets: validation.

- dHub: post delete: wait for Theseus sync before the redirect.

- Navigate to dPortal after unlocking in popup.


- dPortal: displaying chart x-axis labels.

- dHub: back navigation.

This is the latest iteration of our new plugin extension and another step forward towards the release of our upcoming standalone browser. Stay tuned for many more developments, partnership and overall Decentr ecosystem updates. If you have any feedback or find any bugs please visit our beta testing group.

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