Decentr/Holochain AMA

  • provides data integrity without a need for global consensus
  • has no MainNet — each dApp on Holochain is a distinct encrypted P2P network with its own DHT (ledger)
  • has no native token or built-in currency
  • is completely peer-to-peer/distributed (no miners or stakers). Each user has their own local hash chain where they record only their own actions. You are the sole cryptographic authority to sign new records to your personal chain without consensus, agreement, or validation from anyone else.
  • publishes data from personal source chains to a validating DHT which serves as the shared/global ledger space. Validation is performed by randomized peers based hash addresses.
  • ensures personal chains are tamper-proof and cannot be rolled back (double spent) via detection from the data published to the DHT
  • you only ever need to trust your own copy of the dApp. You can validate anything yourself according to the dApps (including other people’s chains, actions, or transactions), and will refuse to transact with anyone who has committed invalid (trans)actions to their chain.
  • a peer hosting infrastructure which involves multiple dApps built on top of Holochain plus some semi-centralized DNS and routing infrastructure.
  • has a MainNet for its Beta hosting network (as well as Alpha TestNets)
  • has a built-in currency to enable the billions of micro-transactions needed to run the hosting network
  • HoloFuel is one of the distributed applications built on Holochain that comprises and enables the Holo hosting platform to work.

Your data is value. Decentr makes your data payable and tradeable online.

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Your data is value. Decentr makes your data payable and tradeable online.

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