Decentr iOS Browser released!

We are incredibly proud to announce that our full iOS release has been approved by the Apple Store, and will be rolling out to all countries.

You can get the iOS version now by going to using your iOS device.

The launch of our iOS browser ensures that you can engage with the Decentr project, and earn on-the-go.

As it should be, you can expect all the typical functionality that a user needs from a browser, from public and incognito mode, to connecting your Decentr account and then receiving PDV.

Upon the first launch of the browser, you will be prompted to connect your Decentr account by entering a seed phrase, or by using a QR code. After authorization, you’ll be granted immediate access to the Decentr ecosystem.

Official Links for Decentr:

Telegram Group:
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Windows Browser:
OSX Browser:
Linux Browser:
Android Browser:

iOS Browser:
Support (Validator, Staking, Browser Support):



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