Decentr / Sentinel dVPN is out for desktops!

3 min readJul 14, 2022

We are pleased to present a new and long-awaited functionality — the Decentr VPN (dVPN) in collaboration with Sentinel ( ).

Our dVPN is a logical extension of Decentr’s ethos of security, anonymity and autonomous browsing, which will allow you to solve more everyday tasks within the ecosystem.

The dVPN functionality is available as soon as you install or update the browser.

You can find it directly in the Charon extension. Navigate to the dVPN section of the dPortal. Important — before updating turn off the old VPN that is inside the browser.

The first thing you will see on this page is a list of dVPN nodes that you can subscribe to and, as a result, you can connect to.

At the top of the list is your current balance, where you will see charges for your subscription. A button is also available there, through which it is possible to access the interface for replenishing the balance with your $DEC. Just enter the desired amount of DEC and it will be transferred to the balance from your Decentr wallet.

Having funds on your balance, you can select any of the desired nodes, see their characteristics, select the amount of traffic you need and subscribe. Once you have subscribed, you can connect to subscribed nodes at any time.

As soon as the allocated amount of traffic runs out, you will either need to re-subscribe or connect to any other node for which you have an active subscription.

We have worked hard to make sure our dVPN covers your whole machine not just the browser!

Also we have finally started working on the custom home page which you can see when you open a new tab:

This page will be improved over time with additional info populated.

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