Decentr Vision for Q4 2023

2 min readOct 1, 2023


We are excited to announce our vision for Q4 2023, detailing the upcoming features we are set to launch and promote by the end of 2023, which has been an eventful year in crypto, as well as for Decentr and our community.

The strategy we are pursuing in Q4 2023 is broken down into two categories: features development and marketing:

Development of browser features:

  1. Unification of Web3: Using the squid router protocol by Axelar, we will allow for payment in a huge array of coins on different chains, thus supporting a multitude of wallets. All coins/tokens swapped for $DEC will mean DEC increases in value.
  2. The addition of on-boarding guides/visual UX elements when you start the browser will give the user a seamless Web3 experience from any chain.
  3. PDV feature: We are in the process of developing a more precise PDV system that will involve a third-party non-KYC ID system (stay tuned for a partnership announcement soon) that will allow users to get more rewards while improving our anti-fraud system.
  4. dVPN: Introducing a subscription option in addition to the pay-per-GB, as well as payment in any coin per update with squid router protocol, which will ensure a quick and easy start from the mini extension.
  5. AIChat: Improving formatting in addition to adding new features with payment in any coin as per update with the squid router protocol.
  6. dPortal: Automatic ad creation with payment in any coin as per update with the squid router protocol.
  7. Mobile Versions: Updates on iOS and Android will be completed in October 2023, with connection to the desktop browser, and thus be ready for implementation of full Web3 support for chains (as per the squid router protocol).


  1. NFT/Airdrop: Will be finalised this quarter as we continue to gauge market conditions to ensure optimal exposure and NFT sales (to be released on Stargaze and Opensea).
  2. Massive email/social campaign once we successfully complete our squid router integration and can demonstrate that people from any chain can use our services (dVPN , AI, dPortal ads, IBC storage and Computing).
  3. Pursuing several partnerships that facilitate our presence in the Cosmos ecosystem, including wide-ranging airdrops and other events.
  4. The announcement of proposals aimed to make our network more robust and rewarding for Validators with additional incentives for an increased of number of Validators.

Thank you for your continued community and project support. In the coming weeks we will be announcing partnerships and releasing new versions of the browser.

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