Decentr’s NFT Contest Winner Announcement

4 min readJul 25, 2023


We are excited to announce we have chosen a winner for our NFT contest!

It was an exhilarating yet daunting process due to the fact that stunning and original NFT art was just one component we were looking for in a successful partner artist. The winner needed a combination of artistic skills combined with knowledge of the NFT market and requirements — including NFT style and rarity requirements — to maximise the project potential.

To clarify, this Medium article is to announce the winner and introduce him to our community — though he already is an active member in the Decentr group. (An oversight some applicants made was not participating in the group and taking advantage of promoting themselves and the community as the contest and project progressed.)

The full details of NFT launch, marketing, utility, etc, will be updated as we progress with the artist and his work. This process will now be accelerated as we have defined the goals and aims we need to achieve, and are working towards them in conjunction with our amazing partner artist. So without further delay (drum roll), let us introduce you to:

Lakatan (TG handle: @WorkNsilent) graduated in visual arts in the Philippines. Lakatan has over four years crypto experience while developing the analogous skills of creating many successful NFT projects as a ghost artist and advisor. Lakatan is an active NFT artist and actively participates in NFT contests — not only to benefit from the innovation that comes through competition but also to improve his art, industry and marketing skills. Lakatan, being adaptable to many artistic styles and mediums, also creates animations from pixel art to anime and cartoon style, while also creating large-scale concrete sculptures and other works.

In the case of our NFT, Lakatan has chosen an anime style in the vein of successful NFT projects, including Azuki, Renga and Kiwami, with his style reflecting aspects of anime warriors with both ancient and modern characteristics, traits and weapons.

This combination of ancient/modern warriors is a great theme that artistically reflects what we are aiming to achieve with our project — Decentr’s ‘battle’ being the fight to usher in a fully decentralized world ensuring data sovereignty and economic opportunity for all.

As for the name of the collection, that will form part of a community competition/suggestions as we progress with the project and NFT.

For now, enjoy the art, say ‘Hi’ to @WorkNsilent in the group and give him feedback on his work, and stay tuned for regular updates on next steps.

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