Delegate (Stake) DEC to an Existing Decentr Validator Node

Please note, this is a manual process until we add Delegation to the dWallet within the Decentr Browser.

We aim to have the swap process automated in the next week.

Step One

git clone -b v1.5.7

Enter the folder Decentr was cloned into

cd decentr

Compile and install Decentr

make install

Make sure the correct version of decentrd installed by running

decentrd version

The current version is 1.5.7

Step Two

# Replace <your-key-name> with a name for your key that you will remember

decentrd keys add <your-key-name> -i

You will be asked to enter a BIP39 mnemonic. This is the phrase you generated during registration of your Decentr account.

If you don’t have a Decentr account, create a new one with the Decentr browser. Once the account is created you will need to swap ERC20 Dec to Native DEC and send it to your Native DEC address.

For the second question simply hit “Enter”:

Then you will be asked for a password for your key (enter at least 8 character password that you will remember):

To see a list of wallets on your node, type —

decentrd keys list

Step 3

decentrd config node 
decentrd config trust-node false
decentrd config chain-id mainnet-3

Step 4

· validatorAddress :

for example — decentrvaloper1zxy7hdu55ky70nj96rd73pjg2l8s7fh79wppjx

You can see a list of existing validator addresses here —

· amountToBound : The amount of Dec you want to delegate, multiplied by 1,000,000 and stated in uDecs. For example, if you want to delegate 1000 DEC, the value would be 1,000,000,000 udec.

· gasPrice : Gas price for bonding tx (e.g “0.025udec”)

· Delegatorkeyname : This is your delegator alias and can be any value you choose (e.g MyDelegatorAlias)

Make sure to replace the validatorAddress, amountToBound, gasPrice and delegatorKeyName with the values as instructed above and the copy and paste the following command into your terminal.

decentrd tx staking delegate <validatorAddress> <amountToBond> \    
--from <delegatorKeyName> \
--gas auto \
--gas-prices <gasPrice> --async

Step Five (Optional)

· gasPrice : Gas price for bonding tx (e.g 0.001)

· Delegatorkeyname : This is your delegator alias and can be any value you choose (e.g MyDelegatorAlias)

To withdraw your unclaimed staking rewards execute the following single command in your terminal:

decentrd tx distr withdraw-all-rewards \   
--from <delegatorKeyName> \
--gas auto \
--gas-prices <gasPrice> \

Official Links for Decentr:

Telegram Group:
Telegram ANN:
Beta Testers:
Windows Browser:
OSX Browser:
Linux Browser:



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