Delegated Staking via the Decentr Browser is now Live!

3 min readOct 12, 2021


Delegated Staking via the Decentr Browser is now Live!

As promised, DEC token holders who wish to delegate their stake to a Decentr node can now do so directly via the Decentr browser.

Delegated staking provides an easy way for DEC token holders to earn APR on the Decentr network, without having to run a Decentr validator. DEC tokens locked in validators help to further secure the Decentr network and by delegating your DEC tokens to an existing Decentr validator, you will earn the network APR, viewable here, along with a portion of the network fees that the validator you delegate to, processes.

How to Delegate Stake via the Decentr Browser

Step One

You will need to swap your ERC20 DEC to native DEC to be able to stake. You can click to swap ERC20 DEC to native DEC.

Step Two

The Delegated Staking functionality is located in the dPortal section of the Decentr plugin.

Navigate to your dPortal and click on the Staking tab, You will see the list of Decentr validators with their statuses, voting power, and delegated stakes. By clicking on a validator, you can choose which operation you want to perform, delegate (deposit DEC to the validator), redelegate (move DEC from one validator to another) and undelegate (withdraw delegated DEC to your dWallet).

Step Three

For the purposes of this guide, we will be delegating DEC to the Hera validator. The delegate screen allows you to select an amount of DEC you want to transfer to the validator.

Simply enter the amount of DEC you would like to stake and click on the delegate button.

Step Three (Optional)

The redelegate screen allows you to select the validator to which you want to transfer your delegated DEC.

The undelegate screen allows you to select an amount of DEC you want to withdraw to your wallet.

Please note that there is a withdrawal commission for the validator.

As always, stay tuned for further updates, integrations and partnerships. If you require any assistance with running a Validator or delegating please join

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