Digital Currency for Social Good? (Psst, it Works for “Invented” Currency in the Real World)

The choice Decentr offers is stark and compelling: freedom or fiat.

The net result of this paradigm shift in socioeconomic thinking and technology is that content and currency effectively cohabit the same space, giving a new type of “digital currency” a chance to be reformed back into the community as a participant for social good.

Crypto-haters aren’t stupid: they know crypto works. (Why else such vitriol?)

Where currency issuance happens—not arbitrarily against gold reserves and burgeoning debt—but for the public good, the folly of mainstream economic theory is revealed in practice.

As history attests, print your own money, purely in exchange for goods or services rendered (and not for the benefit of money borrowed from international banking cartels), and you actually stimulate equal supply and demand, eliminating debt, inflation or the need for onerous income taxes.

As a result, our technology creates a medium of exchange that effectively underpins a barter economy, rather than requiring as a state-mandated pre-requisite an externally imposed medium of exchange that we are all obliged to use as a mutually agreed “value store”.

The net result is that this new digital medium of exchange contains inherent worth (not merely fiscal value).

The last time anyone successfully implemented a state-sponsored “barter economy”, it sparked a world war—and took the combined strategic, economic and industrial might of the Allied Powers to break the ostensibly “bankrupt” and resource-poor regime this uniquely robust economy spawned.

Don’t pretend you don’t see the parallels with Venezuela, as the US imposes sanctions on a regime they deem as too “authoritarian”.

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