dLoans Beta “Phase 2” Pilot Opening up to Our Community

3 min readNov 21, 2022
dLoans opening up to our community

We are excited to announce that the pilot program for our first dLoans product, called dP2P; a peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platform serving the unbanked and undocumented in South America, continues to gain momentum in Peru while expanding to Chile, with 20 loans so far approved in these regions, amounting in total to approximately 100,000 DEC and growing.

Critically, dP2P is creating added utility for the $DEC token as all loans are taken out and repaid in DEC via the Decentr dP2P feature on the Decentr platform, with all associated fees being paid in DEC. This is consistent with the Defi layer we are creating for Web3 whereby access to dPay and other Defi features is exclusively via the DEC token. Decentr’s commission grows everyday(see chart below).

The pilot is successfully enabling us to continue to improve our algorithms, UI and UX as we move towards a public launch, projected for Q2 2023. With this in mind, we are now looking to engage our community to expand and further promote dLoans, and are opening up the pilot program to selected $DEC holders.

The participation of the community will allow us to not only expand dLoans but importantly receive vital feedback as we continue to develop the pilot program.

Decentr’s dLoans Commissions

The ROI is 30% for the “starter” loans, 25% for the second loans, then 20% for the third loans. The default rate has been zero in the rollout phase because all the borrowers are computer savvy and crypto savvy, and selected by us in conjunction with our verification algorithms.

Support our beta “Phase 2” by filling out the following form https://forms.gle/XrckK9UXHu2Bp7Jz7 as this will allow us to onboard the first of our community members to join the dLoans program.

Please provide all the required information on the form. Criteria, such as a Decentr wallet containing a minimum 10K DEC, either stored or, even better, staked is required as a way to control demand at “Phase 2” of testing, and such restrictions will be reviewed and revised as the pilot program progresses.

Once your form has been filled out and returned, please keep an eye on your email and your telegram for a link to participate in the pilot program to be sent within 24 hours of acceptance.

Stay tuned for more details on dP2P features. We will keep you updated as we progress.

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