How Decentr’s DeFi dLoan Function Benefits DEC Holders

Decentr: Serving the underserved consumer crypto loans market.

In effect, each one of these interrelated functions further strengthen the stability and hence the value of the others, giving the dLoan function unparalleled liquidity and fungibility.

The exchanged amount of $9.90 is sourced from the open market via DEX liquidity pools or our own internal dEx, unless the user already has sufficient funds in DEC in their dWallet.

dLoans are also attractive for borrowers because they are made at a fluctuating rate of interest personalised to a user’s PDV, with repayments also being reduced at an amount determined by a user’s fluctuating PDV.

However, where a user’s PDV is above the platform average, the user’s APR increases accordingly, meaning users who provide value to the platform will benefit with increased returns, further incentivising platform interaction and high-quality data generation, reuse and exchange.



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