How Decentr’s dFintech Replaces Swift, SCT INST, “Clearing House” and other Payment Solutions

Decentr’s dFintech solution is supported by data-as value.

For example, a finance company building/using a DeFi Dapp on Decentr could offer consumer loans that can be repaid at a cheaper rate by leveraging user-borrower PDV.

These dLoan repayments would further reflect the decrease in fiat-money needed to make these repayments where a user-borrower’s PDV increases in data value. It is worth bearing in mind the data generated to make the required payments on time also increases PDV while maintaining the integrity of the transaction and the blocks on the chain.

Moreover, the interconnected data used to make and receive payments improves not only the user-borrower’s PDV but also the bank/PSP’s Business Data Value (BDV).

In this way, consumers receive better services at increasingly more affordable prices while banks/PSPs improve their bottom line.

DeFi: Reaching Critical Mass

Decentr realises that in order for DeFi to reach a critical mass of users that will make the tech and concept sustainable long-term — while stabilising the debt-based mainstream economy — the consumer crypto loan market needs to be urgently exploited.

The Problem with “Clearing House” and Other Payment Services

Decentr’s native dPay system, at enterprise level, is also designed to complement many features of the slow and inefficient, antiquated “clearing house” solutions (some being over 50 years old) currently used by banks for international payments and transfers.

Payments using SWIFT and other “clearing house” services — including Sepa, SCT Inst, BACS — share the same problem.

These systems are all relatively expensive and slow, with SWIFT taking up to 5 days, depending on the destination. This constrains business effectiveness, largely due to security checks between many intermediaries, and then — depending on the banks involved — trading between currencies that can render the process even slower. It’s a jigsawed mess.

The Solution Decentr Offers

Decentr makes the whole process 100% secure, safe and efficient as part of a single system, removing API incompatibility.

Decentr then eliminates “money” (fiat or digital), as a further impediment to the process in terms of currency exchanges, swapping it out with DDV instead.

Our tech repurposes all online data as a payable, tradable, spendable value: a new, hyper secure asset class uncorrelated to the mainstream economy that can be used to seamlessly pay and trade online (and increasingly offline with compatible IoT applications).



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