Introducing the Decentr Android Beta Browser

We’re incredibly proud to announce the launch of the Decentr Android beta browser!

You can get the Android version now by going to using your Android phone.

This is an important milestone in the evolution of Decentr as it will allow ever-more users to take advantage of our features and functions in a way that is convenient to them.

The launch of our Android beta ensures you can now engage with our browser on-the-go. As a result, it will also increase adoption among the majority of users who spend more time on their mobile devices than at their PC. This means both user satisfaction and acquisition will continue to increase as part of our commitment to improved user-facing features and functions.

As you’d expect with any modern browser you have the ability to access many tabs (both public and private):

In the Decentr browser menu you can select Explorer and you will be redirected to our explorer (the Decentr Blockchain):

As you can see, all accessed sites are rendering properly as we are using parts of the chromium engine to run the Decentr Android beta browser:

We are planning as we go to add to our mobile releases the features that you know and love from the Decentr desktop browser.

We anticipate having the Decentr Android beta browser rolled out in the Google play store by tomorrow, and will keep you updated on progress.

As always, stay tuned for further updates, integrations and partnerships. If you require any assistance with running a Validator or delegating or any other support questions please join

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