Introducing the Decentr Beta Browser

We are proud to present our beta browser, now available for Windows and Mac.

The Decentr beta browser is the culmination of our vision, goals and development journey to deliver a secure and private web browsing experience for every user.

Our browser delivers on the modules we have been building over the last 12 months. Our focus has been on building the blockchain components and the underlying functionality of the Decentr ecosystem, which now enables us to deliver a browser with unparalleled speed, security and utility.

On the Decentr browser, every action is an on-chain “transaction”, meaning all user activity on any part of the web as well as the posts and engagement in the dHub are stored on our custom blockchain. For dHub this includes “Likes”, text, title, the user who wrote the Post and links to pictures across the dHub and dFeed. The storage of this data on the blockchain is important as it validates the origin and authenticity of the data and, as a result, guarantees a verifiable PDV increase that is of benefit to the individual user and the wider Decentr community.

The overall design of the browser is consistent with our logo and corporate colours, and designed to be user-friendly as regards the look and feel of the landing page and other pages.

All of the Decentr ecosystem features, including dHub, dPortal, dFeed and dWallet are integrated into the browser, making the experience of using our native features and those of the web fast, secure and seamless while being intuitive and easy to use.

The Decentr browser is crypto-friendly with the dPortal integrated into the browser, meaning users can transfer $DEC, and in the future many more cryptocurrencies, securely as part of our intuitive interface. Once we transition from testnet to mainnet, the Decentr dWallet will support send and receive functionality for native Decentr assets, along with other integrated chains on the Decentr ecosystem. MetaMask integration will also mean the Decentr dWallet will also support all ERC20 assets MetaMask supports.

In support of our vision for user centricity and autonomy, our browser incorporates a lot of critical security and privacy-oriented features. To ensure this level of security on-chain/across chains all user data on Decentr is encrypted using SHA-256 (Secure Hash Algorithm 2), which is a set of cryptographic hash functions designed by the US National Security Agency (NSA) and first published in 2001.

This encryption level is an automatic protocol when a user generates data. From that point forward, user data is only accessible by the user him or herself — not by our system or any third party, etc, meaning a user has exclusive access to their own data, and is 100% in control of how their data is being used, or requested to be used, why, where it is being used and by whom.

Our commitment to privacy does not stop there! We have also integrated the following features within the Decentr browser:

  • Free Decentr VPN

To further ensure that our users’ privacy and security is uncompromised we have also integrated the Decentr VPN in the browser. The Decentr VPN, the Lalentos module, is intuitive to use on the Decentr browser. Our VPN offers superior privacy and security while not compromising on speed. These VPN locations are currently available: Tokyo, Sydney, Los Angeles, Frankfurt with more to be added in the future.

  • Free Decentr Ad-Blocker

The Decentr AdBlocker comes as a standard browser feature and blocks the majority of ads that usually appear on a web page. We are constantly updating our databases to keep more ads from reaching users.

As well as integrating all these important features, Decentr is a game-changing browser in and of itself. Our browser supports all sites and all resolutions to offer users a standard web browsing experience that is more secure than a standard browser. It is based on the Chromium engine so all controls will be familiar to users and retain features including bookmarks, extensions, themes etc.

In summary:

We are looking forward to continuing development in Q3 and will deliver:

  • Mainnet Launch

Our public mainnet launch which will now go live in Q3 and timed with the launch of our full browser release, mainnet validators & delegated staking. Timing the launch of our mainnet along with staking, validators and our full browser release means from day one users will be able to stake mainnet DEC to earn rewards while validating transactions such as liking, posting, dPosting, surfing data and valuing PDV giving DEC unparalleled utility.

  • Mainnet Validators & Delegated Staking

Validators on the mainnet will be validating transactions while earning real DEC as part of our mainnet validator/staking program.

  • Full Browser Release for Windows & Mac OSX

Our standalone browser becomes fully available for Windows and Mac OSX with functionalities the same across operating systems.

  • Tor Integration

While technically ready for implementation native access to Tor will be launched in Q3 to mitigate any potential security risks for users. Some current Tor issue’s can be read in detail here. We are very closely monitoring the situation with TOR protocol and when we find it secure enough for our users we will switch it on.

  • dWallet Native & ERC20 Integration

Our dWallet will have all ERC 20 tokens (future and present) and mainnet DEC integrated with ease of transactions on the Decentr blockchain and Ethereum blockchain.

  • Current Chrome and Firefox extensions

Our extensions for both Chrome and Firefox will be continually updated with most features available in our stand-alone browser.

As always, stay tuned for further updates, integrations and partnerships. We welcome your feedback and look forward to interacting with you on the beta browser.

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