Introducing the Decentr Mainnet and Mainnet Browser

The Decentr Mainnet

The Decentr mainnet is built on the Tendermint/Cosmos SDK and, as such, offers many of the features of the underlying tech stack, most importantly, cheap and fast transactions, critical for a project such as Decentr where microtransactions for the transfer of data and payments form a majority of the transactions on the network.

The Decentr Mainnet Browser

The Decentr mainnet browser is now the FIRST blockchain aware web3 browser. Existing browsers, like Chrome and Firefox, interact with web3 via extensions and are obviously not natively blockchain aware. Even the current crypto browser of choice, Brave, is not an actual web3 browser and uses ERC20 to connect to a centralised wallet provider in Uphold (this is past their somewhat shaky token utility and incentivisation model).

Technical Notes

ERC20 DEC and Native DEC



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