Introducing the Decentr Testnet and Testnet Node Application

We are proud to announce the public release of the Decentr testnet github repo and testnet node application form!

The Decentr testnet github can be found here —

The Testnet node application can be found here —

Stay tuned for the release of our testnet node guide and node application results!

The Decentr Testnet

The Decentr testnet is a special test chain of transaction blocks, consisting of several nodes that act as decentralisation machines. It is used by our developers to check the performance of Decentr. All problems and errors are detected and corrected during these tests.

The testnet allows developers to test the operation of the Decentr blockchain with no disruption to the real blockchain. Moreover, it is suitable for testing any information in the blockchain network, including analogous system modules — Charon, Vulcan, Cerberus, the PDV function and of course our MVP browser extension for both Firefox and Chrome.

Creating any record when testing transactions in a real network, using real PDV, can be very expensive in terms of DEC, which would have a negative impact on the development and improvement of the system at the initial stages of development. The advantages of using a test chain are as follows:

  • The low complexity required for these tests allows relatively weak computers that cannot cope with transactions in real life to participate.
  • Real-world value is not involved, which eliminates the huge financial cost of testing the process of creating chains of blocks of transactions while minimising the risk of a hacker attack.
  • The ability to create any number of transactions with DEC, which will have a positive impact on the speed and quality of testing.
  • Test Decentr blockchain using CLI.

Our testnet is set up using several nodes by way of a simple process that is already implemented and coded into the Decentr blockchain.

Become a Testnode Operator

Because the testnet is a blockchain to be used for testing, testnet PDV is separate and distinct from actual PDV (on the Mainnet). This allows application developers or Decentr testers to experiment and not worry about breaking the main Decentr chain (Mainnet).

The Decentr blockchain is PoS (Proof of Stake). PoS blockchain networks rely on validators to operate full-nodes in order to participate in various consensus mechanisms, thus promoting network security and resilience. In return for their contribution once mainnet is launched, validators will earn block rewards. Individual holders can also delegate assets to validators for a pro rata allocation of block rewards earned.

Decentr is running 5 Decentr testnet validator nodes which will also transition over to native mainnet Validators. The Decentr nodes are labeled as Ares, Hera, Hermes, Poseidon, Zeus.

We are happy to announce that our community will also play an integral role in testing by being able to run testnet nodes! Please visit the below form to apply to run a Decentr testnet node. We will be selecting 10 community members to run testnet nodes and have their monthly Vultr costs covered in DEC. Providing these users keep a minimum up time of 95% for the preceding month their node costs will be covered and they will have the opportunity to be first selected to run mainnet Validator nodes!

The purpose of regular nodes is to pass information on the Decentr blockchain and keep information moving. For example, the regular node passes on the value of PDV and the Validator nodes ensure this value is correct and true on the network.

Actual transactions apply that apply to Regular nodes and Validator nodes are:

  • Registration of the user.
  • Change of user profile.
  • Registering the PDV value of the user.
  • Increasing or decreasing the value of user PDV.
  • Putting data into the blockchain.
  • Data storage on the blockchain.
  • Adding links to increase user PDV.
  • Transferring browsing data to PDV to have it valued.
  • dPortal post creation.
  • Change of PDV value in the dPortal post, due to engagement and “Liking”.

It is key to note that being open source anyone can run a Decentr testnet node to assist in the testing process of the Decentr testnet, MVP and various other functions detailed above. That said initially only 10 selected community members will have their Vultr costs covered for running a testnet node.

Hardware and Software

While actual specs vary depending on the load and validators count, SSD disks are preferable for applications with high transaction throughput.

While we do not favor any operation system, more secure and stable Linux server distributions (like Centos and Ubuntu) should be preferred over desktop operating systems (like Mac OS).


  • 8GB RAM
  • 100GB SSD
  • x64 2.0 GHz 2v CPU

Stay tuned for the release of our testnet node guide and node application results along with many more updates coming very soon!

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