Introducing Updates to our Beta Browser, Plug-in Extensions, Mainnet Release Candidate and Website

We are proud to unveil the latest browser version v 0.2.1 for both Windows and Mac, which has been updated to support more sites, including Twitter, Twitch, Facebook, and is much more robust. We have also improved data value extraction to make valuation more granular and precise.

We have also updated our plug-in extension v 2.0.1 for both Chrome and Firefox, release notes can be found below which includes our free dVPN now natively added to both our extensions.

We’re proud to announce the relaunch of our testnet has been successful which is now our mainnet release candidate (RC)

Overall, we have made the testnet faster, and this is the last step before mainnet, which is why it’s called the mainnet release candidate. All testnet details can be viewed via our blockchain explorer.

We have also released a new website update that is more intuitive in terms of layout and design, and is consistent with the look and feel of our browser updates.




This is the latest iteration of our new plugin extension and stand-alone browser. Stay tuned for many more developments, partnership and overall Decentr ecosystem updates. If you have any feedback or find any bugs please visit our beta testing group.

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