Introducing Updates to our Beta Browser, Plug-in Extensions, Mainnet Release Candidate and Website


  • dVPN is inbuilt in the latest plug-in version.
  • New page: “User”.
  • User: new PDV types: search history, location, advertiser ID, profile.
  • User: edit profile: added required labels.
  • Complete registration page if user profile doesn’t have required fields during import account.
  • dPortal: delete account functionality.
  • dPortal: displaying fee in token send form before sending.
  • dPortal: displaying fee for sent transactions.


  • dPortal: activity list for new PDV types.
  • Refactoring user profile local storage.
  • Updated svg icon library.
  • Other technical adjustments.


  • Continue PDV collectings if maintenance mode is enabled.
  • Sign-up: removed redirection if an error appears.
  • dHub: title container height.
  • dPortal: Activity: loaders for tables.
  • Cosmetic changes and small UI fixes.



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