Introducing Vulcan: Decentr’s Proprietary Account Creation Module

We are proud to unveil our latest set of public code, our Decentr account creation module, named “Vulcan”.

Vulcan: Forging from the fires of digital anarchy secure accounts for Decentr users.

In the lead up to our plug-in MVP release, we will also be releasing our Charon Module to the public, along with all other open source connectors and tech stack components.

The Vulcan code can be viewed here.

Vulcan is named after a fire god, a blacksmith, who forges all the tools and weapons to supply the other gods. In the same way, Decentr’s Vulcan module forges new, secure and immutable accounts for users, with various functions and features, while blockchain validators create proof of stake.

Vulcan is a service responsible for Decentr’s off chain functionality. This means functionalities that are not involved in generating PDV but provide secure Decentr-related services are managed by the Vulcan module.

Vulcan is a critical service for Decentr as it allows us to offer industry-leading levels of security, anonymity and immutability and any reliance on third-party software would diminish this capability to the detriment of the user. This means we are not dependent on third-party login solutions (such as Google login, Facebook login etc), eliminating third-party handling of data, which is instead handled by our Account Validator via the Vulcan module.

The Decentr Block explorer, DEC bridge and PDV dEx are also stored within the Vulcan module due to their off-chain functionality, which also means they aren’t exposed to third-party threats or manipulation.

Below you can see how the Vulcan, Cerberus and future modules play their part in the overall Decentr system and functionality.

There are two rollout stages for the Decentr Vulcan module, MVP and post MVP.


● Account verification. The user creates PrivKey and PubKey locally and sends the account address, as well as their email address to Vulcan.

Vulcan then generates a unique link to verify a user’s email.

● As soon as the account is verified, Vulcan assigns 1 DEC to the account. The Decentr blockchain is a Tendermint based PoS (Proof of Stake) based chain, which means the account owner is able to delegate this DEC (stake) to the account they trust, while simultaneously creating PDV.

● Native staking will be enabled, allowing uses to run validators and delegate stakes. Users will also be able to monitor Decentr economics, PDV and DEC and view transactions and blocks, all via the Decentr Explorer.

● Data trading will be enabled. Users will be able to find data by specific criteria, with the ability to find data and retrieve data, improving both the buyer and seller’s PDV though exchange and reuse.

● The DEC bridge between the Decentr blockchain, DEC and the Ethereum ERC20 token DEC will be enabled.

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