New version of Desktop Decentr browser is out with AI support.

2 min readAug 24, 2023


We have launched new version of Decentr browser that supports AI ( through chatgpt from OpenAI)

Simply top up Dec from your wallet and use as you wish.

It keeps the history of your requests as well.

Supported in full form:

And in a smaller form factor:

We have also added a new banner of our partner Tezoro ( Will be releasing an article with more details on this partnership on 25th AUG 2023)

In other fixes that you asked:

  1. When user is banned it directs them to the telegram group for a quicker help
  2. Windows version is no longer asking to make default in infinite loop.

Windows and Mac Versions will autoupdate, for Linux please use for the new version (1.5.3).

Telegram Group:
Telegram Ann:
Windows Browser:
OSX Browser:
Linux Browser:
Android Browser:
iOS Browser:
Support (Validator, Staking, Browser Support):