Steemit vs Decentr

How much Steem is left in this “decentralised” engine?


Steemit: The Steemit blockchain uses Steemit’s cryptocurrency, STEEM, to reward Steemit users for their content. The payout on these posts is determined by users who vote on posts and comments. Users can also earn what are called “Curation Rewards”, which are distributed for finding and upvoting content that subsequently then continues to get upvoted down the line by other users.


STEEM: Steemit’s eponymous cryptocurrency, STEEM, is an unusual crypto in that it has no upper limit as regards the printing of new coins: new STEEM is minted every day, at a rate of about 9.5% per year, by its delegated proof-of-stake network. Content creators and curators are paid from a “reward pool” that consists of this ongoing printing of STEEM money.


On Decentr, those writers who through their inspiring words and unique ideas evoke the passion and commitment of their respective communities will always come out ahead. This is because Decentr promotes an environment free of subjective, centralised controls that demand creativity is shaped to the wishes and agendas of an elite minority that unfairly influences the platform’s direction and output for their own economic gain.



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