Tell a Friend! The Decentr Referral Program is now Live!

4 min readDec 3, 2021

After the release of our mainnet browser on the 30th of September, and following some rigorous “in production” testing by our ~7.5K user base, along with several updates to quash some high priority bugs, we are now confident the Decentr browser is ready for the mainstream!

The Decentr Referral Program is a quick and convenient way to invite new participants to the Deсentr ecosystem and of course, in line with our commitment of “Browse to Earn”, be rewarded for doing so!

The Decentr Referral Program Structure

  • 1–100 Referrals = 10 DEC per Referred User
  • 101–250 Referrals = 12.5 DEC per Referred User
  • 251–500 Referrals = 15 DEC per Referred User
  • 500+ Referrals = 20 DEC per Referred User
  • 100 DEC Bonus at 100 Referred Users
  • 250 DEC Bonus at 250 Referred Users
  • 500 DEC Bonus at 500 Referred Users
  • 1000 DEC Bonus at 1000 Referred Users
  • 2500 DEC Bonus at 2500 Referred Users
  • 5000 DEC Bonus at 5000 Referred Users
  • 10000 DEC Bonus at 10000 Referred Users

Rewards are credited based on the follow criteria —

1. The referred user must install the Decentr browser.
2. The Decentr browser must remain installed for a minimum of 30 days.
3. The referred user must generate at least 100 uPDV by using the Decentr browser.

To refer a friend to the Decentr browser, you can generate your referral link by accessing your Decentr account. This link is a static link, so you can use this link perpetually on your social media or any other mediums you use to promote your referral links and the Decentr browser.

The referee uses this link to firstly register an account with Decentr (including creation of their seed phrase). At the completion of the account creation process, the referee will then be asked to download the browser and import in their seed to finalize the first stage of the referral process.

As the referrer, you can view statistics on the referral program within your Decentr account. These include the amount of referees who have signed up via your referral link, the amount of referees who have then downloaded the browser, the number of rewards you have received once the referee has completed all stages of the referral process and of course the total amount of DEC received for referring users to Decentr.

This statistics can be viewed both for the last 30 days and for all time.

You can view the full referral process in the screenshots below.

We have also added some improvements:

User page: settings: possibility to change auto-lock time for Charon — Added graph for all and new Decentr users

As always, stay tuned for further updates, integrations and partnerships. If you require any assistance with running a Validator or delegating or any other support questions please join

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