Tokenomics for the future of Decentr

2 min readAug 16, 2023


Please welcome tokenomics 2.0!

First let me explain what is going on at this moment. 1. We have more that 64 million tokens still in ERC that can be( and will be at any time) swapped into the cosmos so we will continue with minting contract that is implemented for such swaps. 2. We have around 25 million in the team/foundation wallet ( most of it is staked indefinitely across network of validators ) that will be used in the future for team development and foundation development. 3. We have a total holders of both ETH and Cosmos DEC at almost 181 Million Decs. 4. We have burned over 880 Million of the ETH Dec (Most of them foundation/team/ecosystem tokens) and right now we are projecting to have a total max supply of all Dec across ETH and Cosmos capped at less than 240 Million DEC.

Please see table below:


In the next couple of month we will be doing smart contract relocation of 30 million Dec to the Rewards/PDV/Referral/Ecosystem reserves.

Amount in the foundation/ Team wallet will not increase unless by utility purchases such as dvpn, dloan, or any future services. We will in fact will be doing transfer of 1 million dec to Community Pool.

Amount in Holders is changing because of inflation ( delegation rewards) which we plan to start lowering starting with next year by 20% then 10% then so on till the effect of inflation is negligible for the total growth of supply thus capping the supply forever.

Thus here is the final picture of our tokenomics as we see it going till 2030:

We will be hosting an AMA towards end of August where we will discuss tokenomics in much more detail ( Including about how community can help us!) so please follow us on socials!

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