Using The Osmosis Exchange With Decentr

We are proud to announce our integration with the Osmosis exchange.

Upon its release, Osmosis became one the leading DeFi applications on the Cosmos Ecosystem. This is because Osmosis enables swaps from almost all the IBC tokens connected to Cosmos while having incentivized Liquidity Pools for each of those tokens. Osmosis also boasts low to almost no fees and high speeds for every transaction.



  1. Please go to using Decentr and Click on the Install Keplr for Chrome:

2. Then Click on Import Existing Account:

3. Then input your seed phrase of the account you created in Decentr and choose a password for Keplr:

4. As you will notice, you don’t have the Decentr network — it will be added in next steps using Osmosis:


Visit and log in with your Keplr Wallet:

Click Approve:

Go to Assets Tab:

Search for Decentr on the list and click on Deposit:

Click Approve:

Choose amount and click Deposit:

Your deposited $DEC should reflect on the Assets Tab and you’re all set. Let’s now learn how to add liquidity to either pool.

Also notice that you now have $DEC in your Keplr wallet and it’s the same as your wallet on Decentr since its connected to our mainnet:


  1. Go to Trade and select desired pairs ATOM:DEC or OSMO:DEC , or visit or
  2. Enter desired amount of asset to be swapped to $DEC, and click Swap:

3. A Keplr transaction confirmation will appear, choose desired fees and click Approve:

4. Newly swapped $DEC should appear on the Assets tab:


  1. Go to Pools Tab, and look for Pool #644 and #645 ,

2. Choose desired pool to add liquidity. Click on Add/Remove Liquidity.

If you wish to add more tokens, you can click on Swap Tokens to swap available IBC assets to $DEC:

3. A Manage Liquidity window will appear wherein you can input your desired amount of tokens to be added to the pool.

Be reminded that your tokens should be 50:50 in ratio.

Once the desired amount is input, click on Add Liquidity. A Keplr transaction confirmation window will appear, choose desired amount of fees and click on Approve. The amount of added liquidity should show in the following areas:

As always, stay tuned for further updates, integrations and partnerships. If you require any assistance with running a Validator or delegating or any other support questions please join

Official Links for Decentr

Telegram Group:
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Beta Testers:
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OSX Browser:
Linux Browser: Validator and Staking Support:



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