Version 1.1.0 of Decentr Browser is released!


  • dPortal: PDV rate: PDV rewards
  • dPortal: Assets: Transactions list is now upgraded. We have included Withdraw Rewards, PDV Rewards, Validator’s Withdraw Rewards, and Composite transaction into the Wallet history so you can always see the flow of DEC in and out:
  • dPortal: Staking: We have added rewards withdrawal for all of our Validators. Validators are very important for Decentr so we have made it a little easier for you! Now if you are a validator you can not only withdraw rewards if you staked your tokens to other validators but you can also get your rewards as a Validator using our simple UI interface. Just select your Validator (for clarity, we actually mark it for you as My validator :) ) and you will be taken to the detailed page of your node:
  • dPortal: Staking: Unbonding delegations amount. You asked and we have provided — now you can see from who and how much you have unstaked and by hovering on the undelegated amount you can see when you will get it back to your wallet:
  • User: reveal seed phrase using your password. Another great feature that you asked us for is getting your seed phrase in case you misplaced it (Please make sure you always keep it safe!). Simply go to your account and then click Restore seed phrase:
  • User menu: added DEC amount wallet. For better visibility we have added right into your menu the amount of DEC you have in your wallet in addition to your PDV earned so it’s always only a click away:
  • Network selector for Welcome, dHub page. Reduced label names for Network selector — this is a cosmetic change but it helps the navigation.


  • Sign-up/sign-in: spinner loading during the flow process so that you know its processing.
  • Adjusted PDV cookie collecting so that it becomes more precise and your PDV has even more value because it’s becoming better quality.


  • dPortal: validation for input fields to make sure you enter good values.
  • Password inputs: updated validation for special symbols ( we have added ability to include “_” symbol and all non numeric and non alphabetic characters in your password so you can make it even more secure).
  • Cosmetic changes and other small UI fixes.

Your data is value. Decentr makes your data payable and tradeable online.

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Your data is value. Decentr makes your data payable and tradeable online.

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