Why Data-as-Value is Crisis-Proof

Decentr gives economic value to data generated, exchanged and reused in a crisis.

Ensuring the Future isn’t a Rinse-and-Repeat of the Past

Governments and big business will not step in to fix the current economic crisis. (If you’re in the position we are in the UK, any government assistance could take weeks or months to come into effect.) Nor in its current form will crypto be able to fix the economic mess we have sleep-walked into; even stablecoins are only designed to militate against volatility by value-pegging and collateralisation, not deliver to users a user-centric asset they control the value of.

That game is over, so to speak, on a now very palpable Emperor’s New Clothes-level.

It is now up to us as the Decentr community to do something to inure society against the all-too-predictable cycles of boom and bust we seem with the current economic system to be destined to repeat every decade or so.

Using Adversity to Create a Better Future

Let’s flip the current situation on its head; let’s stay positive about the potential of our tech and economic models and consider for a moment how this current pandemic could have played out in socioeconomic terms with our tech and deconomics model in place.

Data value, being pegged to Dec, is an asset that would have accrued value in the wake of the heroic efforts of those who are on the front line of this pandemic.

This paradigm would have achieved this through the data generated by their research and communications activities, providing much needed additional capital to continue these initiatives. Ditto for government, charitable and other public and private agencies pursuing similar initiatives. Ditto for central and commercial banks and PSPs that would have had more money to lend to those in need and at better rates (instead of raising mortgage rates, as some UK banks have, scandalously, done), the data generated through responsible lending further increasing the value of their data and hence the underlying value of anyone HODLing Dec.

Even reading and responding to this article would have increased your data value.

The fact that this data value underpins the value of our token, Dec, ensures its utility through our PoE protocols, whilst also ensuring the stability of the alternative economy it creates is uncorrelated to the financial markets.



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