Decentr Testnet Validator Guide

Welcome to the Decentr Testnet Validator setup tutorial. You can view our previous article on the Decentr Testnet to familiarize yourself with actions your node and validator node will be performing on the Decentr testnet here.

To run a Testnet Validator, first you need to run a full node. You can find out how to run a full node in this guide:

Second, import a wallet, which will give you a private key / public key pair for your node. Make sure you do it in a separate terminal or that node is running in background mode.

# Replace <your-key-name> with a name for your key that you will remember

decentrd keys add <your-key-name> -i

You will be asked to enter a BIP39 mnemonic. This is the phrase you generated during registration. If you don’t have a Decentr account, create a new one with the Decentr browser extension. Once the account is created you will receive 1000 DEC. Please note, this is Testnet DEC, not real DEC, and has no value.

For the second question simply hit “Enter”:

Then you will be asked for a password for your key (enter at least 8 character password that you will remember):

To see a list of wallets on your node:

decentrd keys list

To see the options when creating a validator:

decentrd tx staking create-validator -h

An example of creating a validator with 100DEC self-delegation and 10% commission:

# Replace <your-key-name> with the key you created previously.
# Replace <your-validator-name> with name you would like your validator node be known to everyone.

decentrd tx staking create-validator 
--amount=100000000udec \
--pubkey=$(decentrd tendermint show-validator) \
--moniker=<your-validator-name> \
--commission-rate="0.05" \
--commission-max-rate="0.20" \
--commission-max-change-rate="0.01" \
--min-self-delegation="1" \
--from=<your-key-name> \
--chain-id=testnet-1.5.0 \
--gas=auto \

After running this command you will be asked for a password you set for your key name 2 times and will have to confirm:

To check on the status of your validator:

decentrd status | jq '.validator_info'

In some cases you will encounter error about jq — here is how to install it:

In the end you should see something like this:

Congratulations! You are now a validator!

After you have completed this guide, your validator should be up and ready to receive delegations. Note that only the top 100 validators by weighted stake (self-delegations + other delegations) are eligible for block rewards. To view the current validator list, check out

Official Links for Decentr:

Telegram Group:
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Beta Testers:



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